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Mamma 'La mamma è sempre la mamma'. "Come si chiama tua madre ? Che tipo di persona è ? Quanti figli ha ? Quando è stato l'ultima volta che l'hai chiamata...
146 days
146 days / 8th april - 31st august 2014. Chaque jour j'ai demandé à une personne où et quand elle était partie pour la dernière fois en voyage. Et où...
Henry Tong
Henry Tong.
Sometimes the winner is simply a dreamer who has never surrended.
Hannah, London 2012. I met Hannah in a grocery on Hoxton Street, one evening in october. She had been shooting a video that day and was dressed in 19th century...
Natasha Silver
Royal College of Music, London. Natasha Silver was born in 1986 on Anglesey. She has just completed an MA in European Thought and is currently studying performance...
Actors Headshots
Actors headshots MEN WOMEN All sessions are during daylight hours. Please contact me for any enquiries.
Carl Harrison
From the North originally, Carl Harrison is a dancer based in London where he trained at London Contemporary Dance School.
Ben Schnetzer
Eleanor Perry
Victoria and Jacob
Patrick Walshe McBride
19th december 2013 Patrick Walshe Mc Bride
Grethe Marita Ayala Pettersen, Surbiton (London), december 2013
Lucia Giannecchini
Maxime Robin
New York 2012
I am a photographer based the UK/France/Italy. T (Italy) : 0039 3883716209 Skype : heloisefaure Thank you for visiting, Héloïse Héloïse Faure |...